December 14th, 2009

[kat-tun] akame btr tour


So finally the day almost arrived. The dvd isn't officially released, but it's already on youtube. I managed to download/convert them to you guys and before burning and watching on my dvd, I'm sharing them here. I hope you all like those videos. From the previews, it looks AMAZING.

All credits for those videos originally go to KTBreaktheRecords on youtube, for uploading them. I don't know if the page is still up, but I managed to download/convert these videos before it possibly was deleted from youtube.

Links as usual, are uploaded to multiupload, which gives you a great number of download choices. Please let me know if you need .avi versions of them or if any of those links are broken.

Now, enough with the talking and onto the videos!

Description: KAT-TUN - Break The Records Tour
Type: Concert
Original Source: Youtube's KBreaktheRecords
Format: .mp4 video

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