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About the Community
If you reached here is either because you're my friend or you're a graphic lover as I am. I got a bit tired of posting my icons and tutorials along with my personal posts at my journal, so here's a brand new community for you!
The Layout
Header from the profile was made by me, with images provided by jen-garner.net. Stylesheet by refuted, I only made some changes on its colors. New layout will come when I have time for it! ^__^ Tiny icons by famfamfam. Credit all mentioned if taking anything.
How it works a.K.a crediting and everything
I'm a very cool girl and I know that once we post something here we can't guarantee that someone isn't going to "steal" your work. But my parents taught me to be a good girl and once I take something from someone I at least credit him/her. So if you liked any of my icons or my tutorials, it's always good to know that, so, don't be shy and drop me a line or two. Also, if you take any of my icons, F.O. or layout banners, let me know by crediting me or commenting on the post.
Here's how you can do it:
I'm proudly affiliated to these great graphic community. If you wanna become one, just drop me a line here.

mumu_icons valliegurl glass_x_wings icon_witches dont_be_so_base thevisual visual_drug hikkie_heaven spiritindreams falsemomentum ownthesunshine glassballerina pullyourtangles refuted loleiasbits mattchbox aiken_4graphics leaf_icons nameless_art velvet_graphics
Personal Resources and Credits
It wouldn't be the same if I didn't come here to thank all those LJ users and their communities for making such great captures, textures, masks, brushes, tutorials! Here's a list of those who made this community and my personal journal what they are. If you recognize anything that I'm using that's yours and your name isn't here, please contact me asap, since I confess I don't have all my resources here.
77words cae_prince caugraphs cenedrawood coffeebreak damnicons daffepaf desiderio samuraiblues dearest ghost_goodthing hermyonegranger ianthinae icon_maiden inxsomniax justmi khriv_icons kissedpaper kissmon sir leggyslove lil_brokenangel luthien_black myrasis omg_pretty onecoldcanadian radon_ spikesbint shellybear665 so_out_of_ideas starlit_designs tei_x the_testimony toxic_overload toybirds unusualgeek wizzicons wkaien_kun wonderland__ asya_17 rawkstar23 cap_it dj_capslock ownthesunshine hdtv_caps soaked letsbebad _excentric_ resourcelove sidh_randomness unfinishedcoke dusty_memories
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide. Banner made by me.